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Getting started with Pure Performance is relatively easy and fast.


We will lead, direct and train at each step along the way to have you up and running in as little time possible.


We will Integrate your Accounting or ERP with our Pure Performance Platform.


Your Historical Sales Data will be exported into the Pure Performance Platform so that our algorithms can begin to work their magic, giving you actionable insight and directive previosly unimaginable.   





Algorithms will run automatically to determine your TOP Sales Targets.


Algorithms will run automatically determine your Sales Rep Rankings.


Our Algorithm will identify the GAP separating each rep – and what to do about it.


Your Sales Reps will be trained on a whole new paradigm of selling success.


UNLEASH your sales team with TOP-DOWN sales product placement TARGETS.



Sales data will be automatically transferred and updated daily in Pure Performance creating FRESH actionable intelligence.


NEW targets are generated automatically and dynamically in near real time as your team begins to place your products from the top-down.


Your Sales team is automatically and objectively ranked and re-ranked in near real time as they climb the ladder of sales success.


Sales rep reviews will occur every quarter and require virtually ZERO preparation time because you have everything you need to evaluate your sales team at your fingertips!



The GAP separating the performance of your sales team will lessen, previously unclaimed opportunity and money will be taken OFF the table, increasing revenue and profits.


Experience the comradery of your sales organization grow as mutual trust, respect and security grows based on fair, objective "peer" performance criteria and reviews.


Your Competition will wonder what has hit them and without a clue in sight other than your soaring sales and their waning market share.

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