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Meet the team


Jade Beutler is founder and CEO of Pure Performance and has served as an executive in the Natural Products Industry for 25 years including CEO of Barlean’s Organic Oils, CEO of Lignan Research, COO of Amen Clinics, Founder and CEO of Strategic Sales & Marketing. Jade was honored with the Ramazanov Award in 2008 for Excellence in Product Innovation.  


Jade has consulted with numerous companies in the natural products industry in the areas of Branding and Positioning, Sales and Marketing, Product Research and Development, Corporate Organization and Project Management. 

Jade Beutler

Founder, CEO


Chris Speed

Business Development Manager

Chris has held a number of senior managerial roles within the ingredient space that supports the food, beverage, nutraceutical and personal care - consumer product good channels.  He has shown he is adept at growing sales and appreciably increasing awareness of a range of ingredients such as omega-3’s, Vitamin K2 and a range of bioactives such as cannabinoids. He appreciates the challenge of helping his customers extend their brand-reach by adding relevance to the ingredients they work with and fostering effective relationships with all key industry stakeholders and influencers that are vital to help mature the market.


As a Master of Human Nutrition and Dietetics, he has successfully bridged his interest in the biochemical impacts of nutrition and plant-based compounds with commercial oversights of global sales, marketing and public relations tactics and is excited to continue to help provide the market with this success.

Heather Spangler is a seasoned health and wellness marketing and creative veteran with over 20 years experience creating, building and marketing health and wellness brands.  She also has a passion for creating and managing successful teams of internal and external resources.


Some of the companies Heather has worked with are Emerald Health Bioceuticals, Power2Practice, SoTru, Pure Essence, RFI Ingredients, REBODY and more.


Heather Spangler

Marketing & Creative Director

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