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Marketing Myths DESTROYED

  • Your BEST sales rep is the one with the highest sales

  • Your WORST rep is the one with the lowest sales

  • Your BEST Rep is the one with the highest % of growth

  • Your WORST Rep is the one with the lowest % of growth

  • Company Reps are better than Independent Reps

  • Sales reps are fairly and justly held accountable for their actions

  • Sales reps are motivated by the carrot (incentives)

  • Sales reps are motivated by the stick (penalties)

  • The directives given to our sales team are fair, actionable, attainable and measurable

  • Your sales team operates within a tight and precise tolerance of performance from top-to-bottom.

  • When you fire a rep/broker it is always the poorest performing rep/broker on our team

  • The Company with the biggest Ad, promo, PR, Marketing budget typically dominates their category

The fact of the matter is that most companies don’t have an objective, fair method to manage or motivate their sales team or prove ROI on their marketing spend.

What are the THREE most important ACTIONS within a sales rep control that make the absolute BIGGEST difference in increasing your sales while growing and retaining market share?

Schedule a demo today to find this out and more.

Running the Pure Performance algorithm for the first time and experiencing the 100% definitive and objective ranking of your team from TOP to BOTTOM with laser precision is like turning on the lights in a pitch-dark room!

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