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Monopolize Your Marketplace Dominate Your Competition

Pure Performance automated and proprietary algorithmic sales systems offer a serious strategic and tactical advantage to catapult companies well above and beyond their competition.


  • You could predict the success of your next promotion with the accuracy of a crystal ball?

  • You know the absolute BEST next sales call you can make, company-wide, by territory, by sales rep or by store?

  • You could effortlessly and automatically customize a promotional program for each and every one of your customers that is guaranteed to make you money?

  • You could eliminate ineffective and profit cannibalizing rote promotions?

  • You could guarantee return on investment for your promotional dollars?

  • You could acquire and maintain valuable shelf space and mind share?

  • You focus, align and motivate your sales team based on a peer based system of sales management.

  • You leave your competition in the dust left wondering what hit them?

Sound complicated and perhaps too good to be true? Pure Performance Sales System (PPSS) - a computer-generated, algorithmic driven program is so simple in principle you will wonder why you did not come up with it yourself. Though simple in principle, Pure Performance is possibly the most dynamic and powerful sales system ever conceived.

Imagine attempting to craft a winning promotional program for each and every one of your customers individually that is practically guaranteed to succeed every time. Impossible you might say? PPSS customizes a promotional program for each and every customer seamlessly, effortlessly and dynamically based on pre-programmed and guaranteed to succeed criteria.

Let’s assume that you have 1000 active accounts. PPSS will craft a different promotion for each and every account that is most likely to succeed based on multiple points of information made actionable. Better yet, PPSS uses the information from the prior promotion from a given account to customize the very next promotion for that specific account. All of this while capturing valuable shelf space and gaining consumer mindshare.

Imagine what this might mean in an increase in company revenue and profits. Lest not forget, all of this while significantly reducing or in many cases completely eliminating losing rote promotions.

Let’s face it, in many industries offering your bread winning products on promotion is ante-up just to stay in the game. What are these promotions costing you, and for what? That’s right, there is little to no way of measuring return on investment (ROI) with rote promotions.

It is a best-kept secret that fewer than 10% of trade promotions are actually passed on to the consumer. I don’t know about you, but the last time I checked my company was not a non-for-profit organization, and I would bet that yours is not either.

Kiss the days of rote promotions and wish-and-prayer ROI goodbye with PPSS. The reduction or elimination of losing rote promotions may save your company hundreds of thousands if not millions. Savings are one thing and earnings are another. The savings are just icing on the cake compared to what PPSS can directly earn your company. Now imagine this, PPSS not only measures ROI, but can predict ROI with laser point accuracy.

This is the most important, straight forward, focused and explosive sales initiative that you will ever take. Invest in a horse that will win for you time-after time, and certainly beat your competition to the punch.

Will your company be the one to Monopolize Your Marketplace and Dominate your Competition while laughing all the way to the bank?

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